About UnlockShop

About UnlockShop

UnlockShop is a Norwegian company (UnlockShop.no) founded in 2003 as one of the country's first companies focusing entirely on unlocking and software modification of cell phones. The business turned out to be a great success, and we have been the leading unlocking company for the past years in Norway.

In October 2008 UnlockShop opened an International division to sell our services to customers worldwide.

Why us?

Very few have the same experience in the unlocking business as we do, and even fewer have a more effective business system then our's. We have spent years developing and fine tuning our custom made order system, including a very simple and easy to use website. This ensures that our customers experiences fast order processing and low costs, since we can automate many tasks our competitors must do manually.

Company info

Parent company: Grevstad WebSolutions
VAT Number: NO 985 880 662 MVA
General Manager: Fredrik Grevstad
Mail address: UnlockShop
Postboks 3 Industriveien
5206 OS